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This disposable fork is so well designed,I have to take it as a souvenir.@_@

This disposable fork is so well designed,I have to take it as a souvenir.@_@

At the Cologne 2014 Passagen.

The German furniture designer Thomas Fröhlich made this very lightweight chair from bended birches wood. Birches is a kind of tree grows very quickly and widely in the world. The basic cutting pieces are design in that way, that it’s not only suitable for massive production, but also transforms to a charming side of Chair after steamed and bended. Through four pieces wood planks will connect the two portraits and build up a stable seat.

Houndstooth check is originally used in woven wool cloth in Scotland, it calls also as dogstooth. In French it’s named as pied-de-poule(), means chicken feet. Similarly, in German it’s called Hahnentritt. A lot of designer applied this pattern, such as “Coco Chanel used it a lot in her collections in the 1930s, especially for twin sets.”(T. Danaher)

In Japanese it calls 千鳥格子, meaning thousands birds check. It could be translated from French name “chicken feet”, but the Japanese one sounds more romantic. The Chinese name 千鸟格 could be imported from Japan, since it sounds exotic and more like Japanese.

The abstract shape also easily reminds people about the computer game space invader. The French brand monsieur lacenaire uses this pattern in that humorous way.




bedside lamp model by Sina Sohrab,

The lamp itself is a rechargeable flashlight. The flashlight can be removed from a steel base alongside the lampshade and utilized as easy as any other flashlight—even more so with its one-button control and smooth design frame.